Today we talk to our friend Cece! A Texas Witch with physic abilities. We talk about becoming your own kind of witch, what it's like to be in a coven, and McKensi learns she has an unexpected guest! 

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Divination: Palm Reading

June 23, 2019

*to the tune of PARTY IN THE USA*

so we put our hands up

we're reading our palms

McKensi's been drinking all day

Yeahhhhh, it's a new episode Monday! 

June Mooniesode

June 16, 2019

What's up, witches? It's a full moon, so you know what that means! Time for a new Mooniesode. This week we go over just how hot it is on the moon, talk about why it's important to forgive those who fuck you over on the interstate, and get into the nitty gritty of the strawberry moon! 

Divination: It’s in the Cards (Tarot)

June 10, 2019

Y'all ready to talk tarot? You better be because that's what this episode is about! This is the first of a four part series on divination. 

An Interview it Geovanny the Tarot Reader

May 27, 2019

Happy day, witches! We've got a new episode for you today featuring the very lovely Geovanny Interiano! 


Be sure to follow him on instagram @BRUJXS_CAULDRON

Bonus Episode: Williamsburg, VA

May 21, 2019

A lil' bonus episode about our trip to Williamsburg, VA

May Mooniesode

May 18, 2019

It's the May Mooniesode, y'all!!! This week we're getting astrological and talking about how to align your goals with the signs of the full moon!

Reference book is Moonology by Yasmin Boland

I Put A Spell On You (Spell Casting)

May 6, 2019

What's up, witches?! Today we're talking spell casting, abstract kitchen witchery, and maybe even a special appearance by Mr. Tom Hanks?! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! 

Altars: I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

April 22, 2019

Y'all ready for episode 7? This week we're talking altars, selenite, and general exhaustion! Be sure to head on over to our Instagram and let us know what you want to hear, check out photos of our altars, and more! Please remember to rate, review, and subscribe! 


April Mooniesode

April 15, 2019

It's a new mooniesode, y'all!! This week we are talking about the pink moon and how to tailor our new moon wishin' to maximize our manifestations.


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