It's a mooniesode, y'all! We're going over the phases of the moon, some moon facts, and talking about the storm moon!

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Basic Witches: Let’s Fucking Party

March 10, 2019

Hey, it's our fourth episode! This week we're talking witchy holidays, doing some sage burning, and dreaming of Star Wars n' dinosaurs! Listen along and let's be witches together, y'all! 

Basic Witches: Pentacles, Pentagrams + The Elements, oh my!

February 24, 2019

It's episode three, y'all! We're talking Lisa Frank tarot cards, dreaming of Target shopping sprees and new boots, and one of us is taking a trip to the bone zone! Listen along and find out what the hell we're talking about. 

Featuring music by Juno Dreams, the Eurythmics, and Brat Mobile. 

Cue the Music!

February 10, 2019

Our second episode! Listen along as we talk about accidental magical enemas, baby-snatching, questionably-sourced water buffalo bones and lots of magick! Now featuring music from Juno Dreams/The Eurythmics, and Bratmobile!


A Very Brief History of Witches & Witchcraft

January 25, 2019

Our very first episode! We navigate our subconsciouses, give a half-assed history lesson, and predict our futures with Horoscopes. Follow along and Let's Be Witches together!